Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Most Realistic Movies About Parenting

Of all the family-oriented entertainment there is to choose from, only a fraction of the movies about parenthood portray it realistically. Realistic portrayals give us a glimpse into our own lives, with characters that we recognize. Some of the best examples we can think of are listed below – 10 of the most realistic movies about parenting:

  1. Parenthood (1989) РThis Steve Martin vehicle manages to be funny and heart-warming, without descending into a saccharine formulaic clich̩. The characters and relationships are genuine, and resonate with us.
  2. The Kids Are All Right (2010)A movie that explores family life as it more frequently tends to be like. Committed relationships vs. marriage, career conflicts, and children from previous marriages, etc. It shows us that despite the lack of the white picket fence ideal, the kids are indeed alright.
  3. Baby Boom (1987) – Working-girl yuppie J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton) has an unexpected baby and thus confronts the challenge of balancing motherhood with a career. How she inherits her parental duties may not ring quite so true with the average mom, but they will certainly identify with how she must adapt.
  4. Nine Months (1995) – For every confirmed bachelor who has had to face responsibility and man up as a parent, this one is an entertaining journey into familiar territory. Hugh Grant’s girlfriend gets pregnant, which sheds a stark light on the lifestyle he’s chosen to that point.
  5. She’s Having A Baby (1988) – Newlywed couple (Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth McGovern) have barely gotten their heads wrapped around the idea of marriage and lifelong commitment when baby is about to make three. Watch how this next level forces them to examine expectations, self-doubts and fears.
  6. Thirteen (2003) – On the grittier end of the spectrum comes the story of a single mother and her 13-year old daughter, whose introduction into a world of drugs, sex and crime strike a chord of reality with parents everywhere.
  7. Father of the Bride (1991) – A dad (Steve Martin) must cope with the reality that his little girl is all grown up and about to marry. There are some poignant moments mixed within this comedy that offer us a look into that special bond.
  8. Bye Bye Love (1995) – Three divorced men (Paul Reiser, Randy Quaid, Matthew Modine) provide a glimpse into the issues of family break-ups, friendships, single parent/child relationships and more. An intelligent movie that leaves you both laughing and thinking.
  9. Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) – A workaholic father and husband (Dustin Hoffman) and a disenchanted mother and wife (Meryl Streep) must deal with their own shortcomings as parents as well as partners, culminating in a custody battle for their child. The movie keeps the roles and dialogue so real that it defies us to choose sides.
  10. Juno (2007) – Ellen Page as a teenager who opts to have the baby she’s pregnant with, and place it with an adoptive couple. It’s smartly written and gives us full three-dimensional characters, all of which help keep the story real.

No matter what kind of family you have: traditional, mixed, or single parent, one of these films is sure to strike a chord with you. Have a family movie night and check out a few of these movies about parenting.

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