Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 Common Traits of All Adam Sandler Comedies

When it comes to comedy films, Adam Sandler can almost always be counted on to provide solid (albeit somewhat predictable) laughs. Though the overall plot may vary from film to film, there are so many similarities in the details that the Sandler flicks can all begin to feel like one big, on-going film; whether you love them or hate them, nearly everyone can agree that these are ten things that Adam Sandler’s comedic films all have in common.

  1. There’s Always A Love Interest (And She’s Always Out of His League) – From the blonde bombshell of Billy Madison to the threatening-yet-smoking-hot Fairuza Balk of The Waterboy, Adam Sandler movies all end with his character getting the girl, despite the fact that she’s completely and undeniably out of his league.
  2. He Gets By With a Little Help From His Friends – Upon examination, it becomes apparent that the Sandler character is rarely the true hero of his films; in fact, the efforts of his rallied friends are usually the biggest factor in his ability to save the day. Without them it seems he would rarely succeed.
  3. The Usual Suspects – The cadre of actors that appear in Adam Sandler films may grow, but the core members are invariably present. Friends like Peter Dante and Jonathan Loughran appear alongside other Sandler favorites such as Steve Buscemi, John Lovitz and fellow SNL alum Norm McDonald.
  4. The Offensive Elderly Character/ Adorable Child Character – Another aspect of Adam Sandler films is the adorable kid or lovable curmudgeon that spouts off offensive phrases that the twenty-something stars could never get away with.
  5. Inexplicable but Unmistakable Voice – Though it’s probably intended to be different for each character that he plays, there is an unmistakable voice that Adam Sandler uses in all of his films. Difficult to describe but easily recognized, this voice is mimicked in college bars around the country (see number ten).
  6. The Inevitable Rob Schneider Cameo – Though the appearance of the Sandler clan can almost always be counted on to be present, there will never be an Adam Sandler comedy without at least a cameo from Sandler’s longtime pal Rob Schneider, who almost always returns the favor in his own starring-role flicks.
  7. Slapstick Injuries – Part of an Adam Sandler film’s appeal is the outrageous, slapstick injuries and sight gags that he’s so well known for performing. Whether he’s punching Bob Barker or sending a slack-jawed Southern football player face-first into the turf, the violence is cartoonish, outlandish, and ever-present.
  8. Sandler Stars As the Lovable Underdog – Adam Sandler characters are always the unlikely hero who can’t catch a break and is more than a little bit inept. His silly-but-endearing antics serve to paint him as the lovable underdog, which has almost invariably been his role in every film he’s ever made.
  9. His Parents Just Don’t Understand – Whether it’s a deep-seated issue stemming from a real lack of parental approval or simply a well-crafted ploy to gain the admiration of adolescents everywhere, the parents of an Adam Sandler character will almost always be, at best, hard-nosed and, at worst, outright villains.
  10. Frat Boys Love Them – As previously alluded to, the one thing that each and every comedy starring Adam Sandler has in common is the unswerving devotion from frat boys across the board. Stumbling onto a college campus with a fresh pitcher and a Sandler quote is a surefire way to end up with a troop of drinking buddies for the rest of the night.
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