Monday, April 16, 2012

Argentina Calls for specific YPF executives to leave site

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Argentina Calls to executives based out of YPF specific

With list in hand, the Government representative asked the company to certain executives retire, because from it the body remained in state hands, so he ordered to change locks.
Posted: 16/04/2012 16:12
Buenos Aires. The Argentine government on Monday took control of Repsol-YPF and drove the company executives with majority Spanish capital after President Cristina Fernandez announced a bill to expropriate the firm.
The auditor appointed by the president, Julio de Vido, coordinated the evacuation of the officials of the Spanish Repsol and Peterson Group who ran, until Monday, the largest South American country.
Along with De Vido arrived at the offices of Repsol, located in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, the Deputy Economy Minister Kicillof Axel, who is also a major oil company representatives state while carrying out parliamentary debate.
Earlier, while still talking to the president of Argentina on national TV to publicize the initiative, came to the headquarters of Repsol's only representative that the State had in the business directory, Roberto Baratta.
With a list in hand, the officer was asking specific steering them off because since that time the company was in state hands, so he ordered to change locks.
The officers retreated without resistance, although surprised by the lack of diplomacy with which the government acted in a day marked by tension between Argentina and Spain.
Throughout the evening, also went to the offices of Repsol governors of the Federal Organization of Oil Producing States of Argentina, to support De Vido in his new role.
YPF's intervention will continue until the Senate and House of Representatives vote on the bill submitted by President Fernandez, who proposed the expropriation of 51 percent of the firm.
The vote on the bill could not be later than next month as the bill will be discussed from Tuesday in legislative committees.
  • The director of PEMEX
    Dr. Perkins
    Interesting to know how many shares will be bought PEMEX, its cost and, tod, who authorized such acquisition and what is the benefit to the Mexican people. It is also fundamental as the loss amount for the expropriation of Argentina to Repsol.
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      That pride of President! Fantochadas Nothing like that aspires to be here in Mexico
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